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Clang is the most complete software for email marketing and marketing automation. You can easily and quickly click together emails, campaigns, landing pages, profiles and dashboards with the flexible drag & drop functions. Clang offers everything you need to successfully use email marketing.

Email Marketing and Marketing Automation Software Clang

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Everything you need for maximum conversion

Create smart segments for higher conversion

Analyze your customers and create smart segments based on available data, enabling you to send super relevant emails to each recipient. Email segmentation enhances engagement and your mail results will definitely increase.

Create Segmentations with Clang

Surprise your recipient with the most beautiful emails

Go for the wow effect and surprise your customer time and time again with the most beautiful emails, including awesome interactive elements, such as tooltips, a countdown timer or image gallery. It is very easy to compile your emails with the drag & drop function. Click, drag & GO! You can also send AMP emails via Clang.

Build Beautiful Emails with our Drag & Drop Builder in Clang

Build marketing automation campaigns

Create smart and automated email campaigns independently with the Campaign Designer. From welcome campaigns to reactivation campaigns and from abandoned shopping cart campaigns to review campaigns.

Create Marketing Automation Campaigns with Clang

All your email results in one overview

View in real time and in the blink of an eye which campaigns are successful and which are less so, so you know where and how you need to make adjustments for an even higher ROI. Whitin Clang Analytics you can easily set up dashboards yourself with a variety of widgets, including graphs, tables, diagrams and key figures.

Build Useful Dashboards with Clang Analytics in Clang

Why our clients choose Clang

Clang - USP - User-friendly


With the flexible drag & drop functions you can easily and quickly click together emails, campaigns, landing pages, profiles and dashboards. Therefore, you do not need any HTML knowledge whatsoever!

Clang - USP - Support


Are you stuck? Our help desk is available on each business day between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm (CEST). The Support Engineers have in-depth knowledge of Clang and can help you out in no time at all.

Clang - USP - Deliverability

Deliverability above 99.77%

With an average deliverability of 99.77% and the large number of authentication techniques, Clang is a guarantee for an excellent reputation among Internet Service Providers such as Gmail and Outlook.

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The more client data you have, the more relevant and personal you can make your emails. For example, integrate with Magento to allow automatic and real time synchronisation of client data to enable you to send personalised emails from your webshop. We are happy to assist you with this.